Scratchbuilding a container ship

Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by WVRR, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. WVRR

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    Hey all,
    A while back I posted a thread wanting to find companies that made N scale ships, preferably container ships. These were way out of my price league since they are so expensive and I would have to order them direct. So my only alternative was to begin the scratchbuilding process. My container ship is built from a 2 x 4, and cardstock so far. I have pictures of the project in various stages until this point but am unsure how to post pics of it. The overall model measures a scale 336 feet long, 56 feet wide, and 76 feet high (minus the stack and towers). It holds 100 containers nicely with 208 feet of usable container deck. All details come from a variety of sources including 1/32 model car kits, 1/64 race car details, an N scale bridge and whatever else I can incorporate from my parts box. Hope to post pics of this project soon.
  2. Drew1125

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    Ok Ed...
    You've got me all excited...
    I've got to see pictures!

    If you could describe the difficulty you're having with posting the pics, maybe one of us could help you out.
  3. WVRR

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    No idea how to do it. The last time I saved my photos on my tripod site and linked the images to here, they came out as X's. I think you need to have a payed for per month or year web server in order to save pics and show them here
  4. jon-monon

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    Hi Ed, when you are posting, there is a section about an inch under the white box you type into. It says "attach file". Just click on browse, and it will open up a window showing directories. Then you just go to the directory where you have the photo saved on your hard disk. When you submit, it will appear. If it's too bigt, you will get an error. The limit is 102400 bytes, or 102.4kb or .1M (some schmardt guy should check my math). If yer pix are too big, see the photography section where there is a thread on sizing, with links to software. I Prefer the GIMP for Linux or when cornered and I have to run windows, the GIMP for windows. There is a catch with the windows version, if you want to work with gifs, you need a plugin. Instructions are on the front page of the link under No Gifs? Generally, you should not be using gifs for photo's anywho. It's not as easy to learn as a typical windows prog, but it does have awesome professional capabilites.

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