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  1. I build chain link fence with some material I found that I thought was great scale for the fence but I wanted to see what everyone else thought. I have some details on the page so check it out and let me know what you think. Chain Link Fence Sample
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  3. best part is that cost maybe $0.50!
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    That looks very good,i would be interessted in finding out what you used and how you made the fences.I am interested in making that for my shops as well and to keep the lookie louies away.Check out my layout here on the gauge and let me know what you think of it to.
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    You sure they didn't just take a picture of a real fence... :)
  6. I'm sure it's not a real fence cause I took the picture and built the fence, thanks!

    cpNscale - the fence I made was HO scale and it's made from some material I found at Micael's arts & crafts store in the wedding area. It's called Tulle (sp).
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    Looks great, Dave. :thumb::thumb:

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    Neat. Looking forward to a tutorial on how you did it. I know I'm going to need a few feet of fencing when the time comes.
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    Dave, looks very good.

    I tested an other method and I was shipwrecked.
    Fence was a very thin meshed metal baffle. I have set metal posts and I tried to fix the meshed metal to the post by an upper and a lower extra thin steel guy wire. I would give the meshed metal by these wires a good stability. But it did not work.
    The thin wires were pulled through the meshes however with tightening the wires I have got small loops which worked like fine hooks. So I did not get a tight fence but the meshes were destroyed by the loops and all was not more than a huddle of scrap. The reason for my mistake was the very thin guy wire and a too fine meshed metal.

    I think you could get a better impression yet if you will add a very thin twine pulled through the meshes near the ground of your fence and turn twice the twine around the posts. I think that you can get a bit more stability and you can pull down the fence to ground at the posts in order to get a more tightened fence, especially in upright direction.
    But I'm sure also that this will be a difficult work.

    Let see us your next steps.
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    Can you post a picture here at The Gauge. For some reason, I cannot access your link above...

  11. My site is located at Rail Builder DHD's Weathered Rail Site and from there you can find the fence sample in the left menu but here are just a couple of photos. The web page has many more photos and detail of what I sed to create the fence.


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    Thanks for reposting the link, but I cannot navigate to any part of your site. Can you upload the photo here as an attachment, or in the gallery?

    Note that the html code for the fencing smilies is "fence_1" (without the "_") so that is why the link looks funny. Cool that it still works though! ;)

  13. I'm not sure why it's not working for you. Are you at work because it maybe you are behinde a firewall and it's blocking the site. The site is working fine (I'm at home today) and I don't have a firewall to deal with- well, not one like the one at work.

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    WOW! VERY nice result. I'd love to get a fence that looks that good and was that cheap to make in Nscale.
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    Thanks for putting those pictures up... that is some fantastic work! :thumb: :thumb:

    Did you use styrene rod for the posts and top rail? Did you weather the posts before adding the tulle or di it all in one shot? Lots of questions I know... ;)

    That is some of the best looking fence I have seen. :D

  16. Thanks, it is nice to be able to save so much money on some details as this. Now I can spend the moeny on the other details like rail caps that will make this fence cost as much as the one from Walthers but have much more details.
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    Herc, you may be able to find tulle with smaller openings, although the "solid" part may be about the same thickness as the stuff Dave used.

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    Good idea Wayne. I've tried to play with screen door mesh, but it's just too big for Nscale purposes. It does look pretty good when cut into little single thread sections used for electrical wiring or as wiring/piping from air conditioning units on roofs.
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    Chainlink Fence

    The fence is really good can't wait to see how you did it.

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