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  1. I got to have some fun this past Thur 1/26 at my son's school. The elementry school asks for people to come in and show their hobby to the students. I took some trains and books for them to see.

    For equipment I had some G and HO running on a circle of track. I also took a Nscale layout that is under construction. All the track has not been basllasted and there is a tunnel under construction as well as more secenery work. I thought it would be good for them to see all the things that can be done. The N track was complete. I stayed up late the night before tweaking and making sure the trains would run. They did great that night of course but did not function 100% after getting to school.

    The kids had lots of good questions, enjpyed the running trains, and even looked through some of the reading material I brought along. I was surprised though that the older students had a hard time keeping their hands off the trains. I expected it from the kindergraten and first grade classes. The thrid graders and up though tested my paitence at times. Even after being asked by myself and a teacher, the fingers kept flying.

    All in all it was a good experience amd I believe I will do it again next year. This was the third year the school had this program and my first attending.
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    Thanks for being such a good ambassador for the hobby! I'll bet some of them might become life time modelers thanks to this early taste of the fun.
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    Frustrating, but that has to be satisfying to know that you may have gotten a few of those kids hooked early on a wholesome way to spend their spare time, and get a education in the process.:D

    Great work...:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Sounds like a good time.
    Here's a suggestion for next year. Bring some cheap Bachmann stuff to run. I do this every time the grand ankle-bitters come for a visit. Remove all the good stuff, and run the Bachmann. This way, if there's an accident...It doesn't hurt so bad.
    Put all the good stuff in display cases. This way the can "see", but not touch.
  5. That is an excellent idea. I should have some on habd so my 6 yr old autistic son, ;oves trains, has something to run as well.
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    Yes playing trains at school is a wonderful thing...I do it almost everyday,lol. Keep up the good work'll be happy for it.


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