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    The Toronto Star had an article (August 31, page R6) about school cars in northern Ontario. There is a post in the Ontario archives on the same subject at
    School cars were used in the isolated communities along the railways; they would be dropped on a siding and left for a week. when the cars left, students would be given 6 weeks of assignments to keep them until the car returned. They also served as a community center in the evening.

    A school car could be modelled with an old wooden coach lettered (just given a label or name) and put on a siding.

    There is a school coach museum in Clinton, Ont, in the last surviving car.
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    The seemingly never endeng series Great Train Stories has an episode on the school cars and if I have enough brain cells left it seems that there were also medical cars with travelling dentists.
    Couldn't do it now, they pulled out all the sidings!
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    What a great find David - thanks for the link!

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    Thanks for posting that David, That was a very interesting article and a side of railroading most of us probably were not aware of. :thumb:

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