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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Charles Mark, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Charles Mark

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    Are there any scenery tutorials available that anyone can direct me to? I have enough WS hills/mts made that I want to start painting etc. Not sure of the color or type of paint to buy. I've never attempted scenicing before. I was sure I have seen treads on this before but now that I am at this stage I can't find any. The one book I have bought on this subject isn't very informative. Thanks for any info. :)
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  3. Charles Mark

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    Thanks Andrew, a good reminder to start small. I will do some experimenting with some scrap material before I go further. I believe I have read of others thinning their latex paint as their base coat, then onto the WS ground foam etc. Thanks for the advice.

  4. Charles Mark

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    I've also been looking at this month's copy and past copies of MR and have found some helpful suggestions. Now I need to get busy trying some of them.
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    Charles-Mark, :wave:
    We have had success using Woodlands Scenics Earth Undercoat (C1229). It lays down a greenish brown subsurface that is really great for adding ground cover. We slightly thinned it with a bit of water, then brushed it on our foam. The color took right away and did not come out too dark. While still wet, add your ground cover over it, then spray with scenics cemet. It comes out looking really natural. We decided to use it rather than use a tan base paint. If you stagger your choice of ground cover (blended fine turf, soil based turf, etc) you will get really great results.

    Let us see your pictures!

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