Scaling from and HO layout to an N layout

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by woowoo, Jan 1, 2002.

  1. woowoo

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    I am a newbie that is looking for a way to scale down the Rock Ridge Central HO layout from MR Jan, 2002.

    Is there a mathematical method for doing this?

    Otherwise can anybody point me in the direction of a simple but decent layout that I can duplicate in a 3x4 space?

    I simply do not have the time or experience to design my first layout.

    The 2 things that I would like to get experience with are modeling water and modeling an incline.

  2. Drew1125

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    Hello woowoo,
    Welcome to the gauge!
    Is your moniker, & the fact that you want to build a layout called The Rock Ridge Central, any indication that you are a fan of Mel Brooks' movies? ;)
    Anyway, back to the point...
    N scale is about 60% the size of HO. That means a 40% reduction in size. According to my math, a 4x8 HO plan would scale down to 28x57" for N scale. I've seen them scaled down 50% into 2x4', but this requires tightening the curves a little.
    For a really interesting 2x4' plan, check out the one Shamus posted in this forum under a thread titled Coffee Table Plans.
  3. roryglasgow

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    Hi, woowoo!

    Here is a site that has a bunch of N-scale layouts that fit in 2' x 4' or less:

    The first one in the list is very similar to the Rock Ridge plan. I'm tempted to try and build that one, myself. There are also several plans that are designed to fit on a 78" x 30" hollow core door. All of these track plans use Atlas brand sectional track.

    Oh, and don't let Charlie get you off track. :) N-scale is closer to 54% the size of HO. Also, simply reducing the plan by 54% doesn't necessarily make an accurate representation of how the layout might look in N-scale. You have to take into account the type of track that you use. Pieces of sectional track sometimes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can use flex track instead of sectional, which might allow you to get better proportions. You have to be careful, though, that you keep your curves wide enough to run the locomotives and rolling stock that you plan on using.

    I recommend that you download Atlas' Right Track Software. It's a free layout design program. The only problem is that it only includes libraries for Atlas track products. But hey, it's free! You can get it at (but their web site has been down for a few days).

  4. shamus

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    Hi and welcome to the gauge, you can make(4) - N-scale 4'by2's out of (1) - 8' by 4' for H0.

    Any plan you find that is in H0 scale, just divide it by 4 as a general rule for N-scale and it should fit.


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  5. woowoo

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    Your're right. The atlas site is down. Any chance you have Atlas' Right Track Software and can email it to me or point me to another FTP/Download site?

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