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  1. Greg Elems

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    An opportunity has presented itself to save an Alco RS1 that once ran on the Spokane International, Tidewater Southern and Central California Traction Company.

    A group of TS and CCT fans are banding together to save the engine and move it to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola California for preservation and restoration.

    This rare locomotive is currently privately owned and not on live rail. It is land locked in Willets California. It will be an expensive project (an estimated minimum of $70,000 to acquire, move and repaint the engine), so we need as much support as possible. Long terms plans are to restore it to full operation as funds allow.

    To contribute, you can use this PayPal link:

    or send donations via mail to:

    TS 746 / CCT 80
    1052 Lexington Street #10
    Santa Clara, CA 95050

    Make checks payable to the Feather River Rail Society. Place TS 746 / CCT 80 in the memo line.

    Negotiations with the owner are on-going, and much hinges on the funds that can be raised to cover all the costs. (If we cannot reach our goal in a reasonable time, about 6 months, then the effort will be ended and all funds returned.) Donations are tax deductible through the WPRM when the deal is completed.

    More information on this locomotive, Tidewater Southern 746 / Central California Traction Company 80, can be found here:
    Alco RS1 746

    and here:
    CCT Locomotive #80

    A page will be set- up soon at the Tidewater Southern website to discuss progress in saving the engine.

    Please join us in saving this rare and historic locomotive.

    If anyone has questions, please contact Eugene Vicknair at

    Thank you.

    Greg Elems
  2. Greg Elems

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    I have been asked some questions about costs involved in saving the RS-1.

    Here is an estimated break down and explanation.

    The figure to load and move the engine over the road is $18,000 and $23,000. We are hoping for a donated crane service at the loading end. It will be moved over the road 244 miles to Portola CA. Gas will continue to rise so we are taking that into account.

    The purchase price is still under negotiation with the figures $20,000 and $30,000 being the ball park we are playing in.

    Painting the unit is figured between $20,000 and $25,000 which has been the area of cost over the last few years for locomotive painting at the museum. This depends on condition of body, number of colors and quality of paint.

    The target of $70,000 was felt to be a safe figure to put out with some lee way for unseen eventualities provided we were able to work on the low end of the estimates.

    Greg Elems
  3. logicman

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    A worthy cause indeed.

    When it's moved ...
    no, perhaps I shouldn't mention low-loaders and bridges.

  4. Greg Elems

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    It never hurts to mention things like that. I saw a picture of an 80 ton GE that slid off a low boy and took out some piers of an overpass. Oops.


  5. logicman

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    Yes. Me too. But I decided not to mention it.:twisted:

    So I didn't.
  6. CNWman

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    That was in Cincinnati, and engineers are saying the bridge may have to be destroyed first in order to get the engine out, 'cause the engine is now serving as support. My Recomendation: Avoid bridges if possible

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