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    I thought I would show off a video of my new and first engine with sound. I can not believe how cool the sound system is. This video is shot on some track I just placed together on a table. Since I am building the bench right now I cant show anything on it but I couldnt resist showing this Genesis Engine Off. This is on a DC system. When I go DCC there is a good chance it just might get better sign1

    ***PLEASE READ***
    Thanks for taking the time to download the video. Just click on the free part of the webpage, download it after the clock clicks down and enjoy!!! It will only take a minute. :D :thumb:
  2. Thoroughbreed

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    Woah dude, 62mb is big vid to dnload from Crapidsharesign1
    Other than the dnload, its a great looking and sounding engine:thumb: :thumb:
    The wife says it sounds more like a jet engine than a diesel. You been modding the engine??sign1 Trying to get more power??sign1

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    LOL, I am sure its the videos sound. I had to compress the video and sound for size, and that was still 60 something MB! :curse:

    The engine sounds GREAT in person. Wait till I get that thing on a track in the train room! Then I can do a better job. Where else should I upload?? :oops:
  4. Thoroughbreed

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    Ah, I was just teasing you about where you uploaded tosign1
    The engine looks great and prob does sound better in person:thumb: :thumb:
  5. MilesWestern

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    How about youtube? :thumb:

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    Will it take that size of file?
  7. CRed

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    I have a couple BLI engines now with a PCM on the way.They really do sound very cool and I can't wait to get the PCM.I am on DC right now so I was using a Quantum Engineer with the BLI's,but I'll need to go DCC for the PCM.

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    All I can tell you is I LOVE the sound. I am getting DCC and sound in my BNSF. The wife bought me a decoder for it and it will even do the ditch lights when the horn blows! YEA!!!!! :)
  9. YmeBP

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    That is AWESOME!! What kind of sound decoder is that? Can i get one to put it any dcc engine?
  10. COMBAT

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    It is this here.
    Lucky me, I didnt pay retail! :)

    You can get a lot of different decoders for engines. I am not an expert by any means but there sure seems to be a decoder out there for almost anything! :)

    By the way, that engine has even more sounds. When I get her on the DCC layout then I can show her off more!

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