RX-0 Unicorn Gundam build

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  1. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member

    This is my current build. It is the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam from Paper Replika. So far I have finished the head and torso, and will be starting work on the shoulders.
    Completed head:
    P1000404.jpg P1000406.jpg P1000407.jpg

  2. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member

    Completed torso:
    P1000445.jpg P1000446.jpg P1000448.jpg
    Torso and head assembled:
    P1000449.jpg P1000451.jpg

    Next will be the shoulders.
  3. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Massive undertaking. The pictures of your build are so good, I thought the were the instructions!
  4. chapsy

    chapsy Resident Brony

    those shots of the head are prolly the cleanest I have ever seen.
    Looks even better than my x2 scale version!
    can't wait to see the rest.
  5. DarkStryfe

    DarkStryfe New Member

    Anyone have a link to the site? I remember downloading some parts but it wasn't completed then so I never got back to it.
  6. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member

    Progress on the Unicorn Gundam:

    Shoulders are finished and added to torso/head assembly
    P1000497.jpg P1000498.jpg P1000496.jpg P1000495.jpg

    Next will be the waist.

    Darkstryfe: The Unicorn Gundam should still be available on paper-replika.com
  7. DarkStryfe

    DarkStryfe New Member

    Thanks for the link and good work so far!
  8. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member

    Progress has been made on the waist:
    Main structural "box" that all the other components get attached to. The inside of these components were reinforced with 0.5mm board to add rigidity. An old pencil was used to stiffen the hip joint pivot.
    P1000509.jpg P1000510.jpg
    Here are the upper legs and hip joints. Again these were reinforced with board.
    Closer view of hip socket/pivot:
    Here is the assembled main structural components of the waist/upper legs.
    P1000535.jpg P1000536.jpg
    Next will be adding all the individual armor/shield components.

  9. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member

    I finished the waist section of the Unicorn Gundam:
    P1000563.jpg P1000564.jpg P1000566.jpg P1000567.jpg

  10. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member

    Here are all the parts assembled so far:
    P1000568.jpg P1000570.jpg P1000571.jpg P1000572.jpg
    Next will be the arms and hands.

  11. greenelf1967

    greenelf1967 Member

    great work there!! I made this a while back,looks brilliant when it's all complete. Can I ask what type of paper/card do you use? I love the crisp lines you have on the model. :)
  12. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member

    Thanks for the comments. I use HP Premium Choice Laser paper for all my builds. The heaviest that I can get locally is 32lb/120g. After one of my first builds (Paper-Replika's Kriss Super V) resulted in a lot of waviness, I now back up the larger flat areas with 0.5mm board. The board I use is left-over comic backing board, I have a supply left from my comic collecting days.

  13. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    That is excellent! You have much dedication. I don't think I could make something like that.
  14. goodduck

    goodduck Active Member

    Me like! Me like much!
  15. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member

    more progress on the Unicorn Gundam, I've finished the arms and hands,
    completed hands:
    P1000606.jpg P1000608.jpg
    completed arm
    P1000622.jpg P1000623.jpg

  16. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member

    Here is what is assembled so far:
    P1000625.jpg P1000626.jpg
    P1000627.jpg P1000628.jpg
    Next on to the legs, starting with the feet.

  17. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe

    nice build very clean lines well done.
  18. arkon

    arkon Member

    that is the cleanist build i have ever seen! and its white! all of mine no matter what color always have fingerprints or smear marks. this is just awsome!
  19. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member

    I've finished the feet and ankles. The foot parts have been laminated to 0.5mm cardboard for strength and weight was added inside the soles of the feet to add stability to the figure once complete. The ankles have two points of articulation, and I was not convinced that making the pivots out of paper would be strong enough, so I made the pivots out of brass tubing. I also built "skeletons" out of 0.5mm cardboard to go inside all the ankle parts because all the weight of the model will be on the ankles. The "skeletons were constructed similar to the keel/bulkhead style of a model ship.
    here is the basic foot:
    here is the ankle "skeleton":
    here are part of the ankles:
    here is a completed ankle:
    here is the completed feet and ankles:
    P1000665.jpg P1000667.jpg
    next I will be working on the lower legs, between the ankle and knee.

  20. lrm1960

    lrm1960 New Member

    Its been a while since I posted any pictures of this build. I am glad to say that I have finished, with the exception of the accessories (i.e. jetpack, shield & weapons).
    P1000728.jpg P1000729.jpg P1000730.jpg P1000731.jpg


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