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  1. SD90

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    Does anyone have printed rules for the operation of thier layout? I'm thinking of making something like a timetable that real railways use. I imagine we all have some rules for running trains on our layouts, like train length, speeds and any 'problem' areas we are aware of and haven't yet fixed. It might be fun and realistic to put all of these in the form of a timetable, for anyone who isn't familiar with operating trains on our layouts. Then print them out and have a few copies of them for new crews to read before an operating session. I'm in the process of making something like this for my layout. Just wondering if anyone else has done this?
  2. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Hi Mike,

    I haven't put together a rule book or timetable but I've read about layout operators who have and included things like names of regularly scheduled trains both freight and passenger, designations of class of trains, which direction (Eastward over Westward for example) takes prioirty over trains of the same class, slow orders, etc. I think its one more way to add ealism and anextra element of fun. Tell us more when you work it out.
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  4. Clerk

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    Mike, for a layout like yours, a timetable would be great. most of the rest of us we couldn't go slow enough on our smaller layouts to warrent a time table.
  5. SD90

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    Here is the rough draft of my timetable. The speeds are not in MPH, but what the Digitrax throttle displays, and all of the equipment restrictions are either because the cars aren't weighted right or haven't been run up the hill enough so that I feel comfortable running them up yet, or the trucks aren't weathered to stop the slinky effect of Micro Trains trucks. I have set the CV's so that 85 is about 50 scale MPH. Speeds are straight forward, most of the down hill grades are 65, and 85 is the maximum. The timetable may not make much sense unless you have operated on the layout, but it may give some ideas, and if anyone ever wants to come by for an operating session, you will already have an idea of how things work! Oh, Calgary and Revelstoke are staging yards, and Rule 3.3 is because I still have to change the Atlas switches to Peco, stack cars are too low and hit the raised part of the Atlas switch! ( a mess up when I laid the staging yards!) Rule 3.9 is because I need different tunnel portals to handle them, right now only single containers will fit.

  6. Ralph

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    That's cool Mike! Really well thought out.
  7. rockislandmike

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    Agreed that is a good idea. I do have a draft timetable, and rules, but not like what you speak. I think I will, though, as it does seem like an excellent idea.
  8. Diesel John

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    What you need is a DOB="Daily Operating Bulletin" These are generated for all crews prior to departure, all pertinent information will be in Black & White from departure to arrival, they are a based on mileage For Example

    Train # Westbound
    Slow order Mile 22.56 to 23.01 slow order 25 MPH bridge work in progess

    You can go on and on, just think of work performed on railways track conditions, grades,curves,etc.

    Have Fun...
  9. SD90

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    Thanks guys, the operating session went good last night. Sandro, Fred and Grant came by, we ran 6 trains and I think the timetable restrictions worked, nothing derailed or landed on the floor! Sandro had 2 of his C449W's painted in CP colors, so they were the lead locomotives on a train too, I'll post a picture of them hauling a train throught the spiral tunnels. After everyone left we wanted to see how many cars the pair of C44's would pull, we started with 60, but they didn't make it up the hill, so we took it down to 44 and they did that fine, I think they would have pulled about 50 up the hill, but I was a bit worried about the stringlining effect! (it never happened !) After a while on my layout, we all went over to Grant's SAR, and ran some more trains there! It was a fun night, and it was cool meeting another MR from Switzerland!
  10. pomperaugrr

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    Mike. I have not yet written any operating rules for the layout I am beginning now. On my last layout, I ran it as a single main, without signals. All train movements were regulated by Form D requirements. This allowed me to add in slow orders, for operational twists. The new layout will also be a single main, without signals. I'll be using the Form D as well. The paperwork is simple enough, and adds a sense of realism for me, especially when you include a couple of operators and a dispatcher.
    This is how we operate on the museum/tourist line I am affiliated with, so it is easy enough to get used to on my layouts.

  11. n2bnsf

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    I know I'm coming into this discussion a little late, but I am new to this forum. I have been working on Ops rules for a year or so. I have a good Ops manual (I call it a Timetable, though it is not a true timetable), but I am always looking to improve. Mine is several pages long, but I would happily email it to anyone interested. I have it saved in Word and Word Perfect format (I use Word Perfect to print it in booklet format. The Word document is simply on 8.5"x11"J). Just specify which format and I'll gladly share it with you.
  12. igoldberg

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    I have a rule book, It is only missing some industries and siding lengths.
  13. SD90

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    I'm going to have to print an update for my timetable, with the new Mill at Ottertail, I'll need to make up some rules and track ID's!
  14. VunderBob

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    I can't answer for the rest of the rulebook, but when I have a layout big enough for more than one operator, this is my Rule G: "The use of intoxicating and mind-altering substances when operating this railroad is strictly prohibited. This rule may be waived if you bring enough for everyone.":D
  15. Tileguy

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    Yep, i can see that rule being changed the first time your sound equipped freshly shopped and painted brass pride and joy does a digger to the tune of 300.00 + in damage LOL

    Operating on a nice big layout should be enough of a high for anybody.especially with a radio controlled DT 400 throttle and 3 MU'd sound equipped Sd70 macs pulling a unit train of tankers to the refinery.Damn i'd be so buzzed on that by itself i wouldnt have time for anything else :D :D :D
  16. VunderBob

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    It's happened already. I had a virgin highnosed Atlas GP38 painted for Southern running on a friend's layout, with a new guy at the throttle. It took a 4' swandive to the concrete floor, and he was sober, too. I've got it mostly fixed now, except for replacing one driver with a bent axle.

    IRL, if I'm drinking heavily on any week, it means I had communion at church that Sunday ;)
  17. rcline

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    I only have one rule per say, slow down comming out of the hills and making that
    curve at the bottom. It's not just a 40 inch drop to the floor, but at that curve it's another 7&1/2 "FEET" down to the bottom of the storm cellar steps!!!!! And nothing has survived yet! Thank the good lord, it only took one crash to learn the hard way!

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