Ruhr Valley Raid 65 Years On

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by Stev0, May 16, 2008.

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    Sad thing Guy Gibson didn't live through the war...
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    I was lucky enough to go the 50th one at Ladybower and met several Veterans of Bomber Command , none from the Dambusters but several saw them go out. Great men to talk to. Unfotunately the event was badly organised and people were left standing waiting for buses for several hours after the event , very hard on the old boys !. The Uk still had a flying Mosie at the time and she went belting around the Resovouir 1st. Guy Gibson of course was killed flying a Mosquito. I would of loved to have gone to this one too, Ho Hum.

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    ...and here's the latest on Peter Jackson's plans to re-make "The Dam Busters," from

    Fry resumes work on Dambusters screenplay
    March 17th, 2008 by xoanon
    British writer and comedian Stephen Fry is back at work on a third draft of his screenplay for Peter Jackson’s remake of The Dambusters after being delayed by the United States writers’ strike. Fry also had interviewed squadron members of the famous raid and production staff had visited locations in Britain and Germany where the World War 2 events took place. Jackson is producing the remake of the classic war movie, to be directed by special effects expert Christian Rivers, and has commissioned Fry to write the script. Fry revealed details of his scriptwriting on his internet blog and podcast. He said he spent time last year “zooming around England meeting old survivors of the original raid and people connected with survivors” as research for a second draft of the script.
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    Well, here is one Yank who got to fly with 617 Sq in an elint support role. Great chaps and they brought their squadron store with them. I still have the art print and first day issue I purchased from them on the wall over 20 years later. At that time, and now I suppose, they were flying the Tornado, just an awesome aircraft!

    They were well aware of their heritage and damned proud of it, too. I was lucky enough to be a WWII history bug, so I knew who these airmen were and the history of their squadron.

    We were flying with the Germans, Canadians, and USNavy in a joint exercise. As I recall, the Tornado crews snaked the USN with some clever tactics.

    Those were great days!

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