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  1. LoudMusic

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    Office creation

    Honda commercial

    Rube Goldberg was a crazy inventor type fella that had fun with building elaborate mechanisms to accomplish remedial tasks, and bringing lots of entertainment in the process.

    So, has anyone here ever built a Rube Goldburg style contraption? Was it successful? Have you ever built one incorporated into a train layout? Or a train layout incorporated into it?
  2. shaygetz

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    No. but sometimes I feel he's had a silent hand in some of my trackwork:oops: Great links:thumb:
  3. Twiget

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    The old Milton Bradly game "Mouse Trap" was based on a Rube Goldberg device.:D
  4. Ralph

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    Fantastic stuff! The Honda ad was brilliant. I had to wonder about the amount of time the folks in the office segment had on their hands to work all that out, however! :)
  5. Knighthawk

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    The Honda commercial was great!! The office segment must have been filmed in a Government Agency somewhere, in order for them to have that much spare time!sign1

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