RTAF North American F-86F Sabre

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    Well, this one is a little bit long story but I'd like to share.
    In Thailand, one of the TV show it's called "Chuthathep's Gentlemen",
    the 5th story the youngest son "Ronapee" who is the pilot F-86F RTAF Wing 1, Don Maung
    back in 1960's. So, there are now the fever of F-86F.

    So, I repainted F-86F into RTAF Wing 1 and Wing 4 and gave to the following people
    1. 2 x RTAF F-86F Sabre Wing 1 to the Director of this TV Show (Communicate via Facebook)
    2. F-86F RTAF Wing 4 to the former F-86F pilot of Wing 4 Nakornsawan. I gained information from his newphew (My facebook model group member) who is now in high school about the details of the plane: Number, markings while serving RTAF. And also gave F-86F RTAF Wing 1 to the newphew
    3. F-86F RTAF Wing 4 to the father of one of my facebook model group member. The special this about the father is, he was in service in Wing 4, Nakornsawan and he was the one who did the hand paint job of the cobra to the plane. (Wing 4 is called "Land of the King Cobra" while Wing 1 is called "Tiger Cave"). Also the last F-86F Wing one to him or either his newborn son.

    I haven't heard from the director or the cobra painter yet but the former pilot really appreciated my work, saying the plane is pretty accurate as his real plane he flown. He also playing dogfight using F-86F with his newphew and show him how to survive if you are in disadvantage situation.

    Well, I think my writing is a bit confusing but in generals, I'm really proud as a paper modeler. I can create something and be able to give meaningful paper model to the right people :mrgreen:

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    The TV Show I mentioned.

    At the logo "Ronapee, Chuthathep gentlemen".
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    This two planes along with the runway was given to the director of the TV show.

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