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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by hihik, May 2, 2015.

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    I finally finished building PaperAviation's (Martin Saenger) gorgeous model of the truck from the movie Moon.


    Here's the link to the model on the designer's website - Lunar Rover.

    From the moment I saw the mock-up pictures (the model wasn't finished when I first came across it) I really, really wanted to build it. I liked the minimalist coloring, rich detailing and just the overall look of the model. I waited for almost 2 years before the model was made available for download. Then I spent about 6 months building it - mostly on weekends, just a couple of hours a day.

    It's a really well designed model. Never during the build I thought "this doesn't make sense, it should have been done some other way". I mean, the instructions tell you how to position the pieces to best hide the seems!

    I did my best but of course I couldn't build it as beautifully as Martin built his (you can see his finished model on his site). I did some pretty big mistakes early on which kinda accumulated as other pieces got added.

    Here is the album with a few more shots - Lunar rover from the movie Moon - Album on Imgur. And some process pictures (I'm not great at documenting the steps apparently) - Lunar rover - on the bench photos - Album on Imgur.

    Something else I thought you would be interested to know is that I posted these pictures on Reddit's SciFi board and, I kid you not, Gavin Rothery - the guy who designed the actual prop for the movie - showed up and commented "Hey, nice job! I love it when people take the time out to do stuff like this! (I designed most of the hardware in the film)". That caught me by surprise. Somehow I never really thought about the actual model used in the model. It was pretty cool to hear from him.

    Just wanted to share this completed build with you all. Thanks!
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    Hey, that's great! Welcome to the forum, hihik! :)

    I know Martin Saenger very well, he is a great guy and an ingenious and inspiring paper model artist. His Moon Rover is one of the finest models available and your build is superb. Rhaven Blaack and I have made a whole fleet of Thunderfighters based on his design.

    BTW, please introduce yourself and tell us something about you and your interests here:

    Keep it on - I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. :)
  3. zathros

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    Beautiful build!! Please, do post an "Introduction" in the Introductions area, start a new thread for your Introduction, and post whatever you wish to post there, and tell us whatever yo wish about yourself. :)
  4. mcusanelli

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    Beautiful work! Every part looks really precise, this is a superb build! Thanks for showing it to us:)

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