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    I was engineering for CSX in 1989 for CSX on the old St.Louis line from Grafton to Benwood Juction. The this particular train, I was acting conductor for the day. The engineer was a rookie, and was only his 3rd run over the line. As we were cruising along we had a yellow signal at the top of a hill between Smithburg, and ellenboro. So I told the kid to let up from 45 to 25 he turned the dynamics to "7" and applied some airbrakes, and then let off the brakes and we were cresting the hill at about 30mph. The dispatcher told us to slowdown more, and so the rookie punched the brakes...a little too nhard, the brake lever went to full and the lead unit started to rattle violently. we began to pick up speed coming to the bottom of the 2.1% grade and were going a good 45mph, and then we throughed a red. we were really in trouble, I threw the kid out of the seat and I took the controls, letting off the dynamics and let off the brakes then I put the throtle to "0" (from 25 mph) and the train settled but still were goin way too fast when we hit the bottom, I applied moderate braking to the train only, and then put on some brakes to the 3 GP40-2's that were leading(leader was like #6188 I think) I forgot the rest of the #s. but anyway, the train was going 35 into a 25mph curve and I could hear the 3 Geep's screaming into the turn I yelled " GET DOWN, WE'RE F-----G CRASH!! " so then 3 units and 35 loaded hopper cars made it, it was definately a miracle. then were under control again and wehen we stopped at benwood, I requested never to run with a rookie again. (though I did a few more times )--Tim
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    Why in the world with grades and curves like you describe it, did that R.R. even think of to put a rookie anywhere untill be was checked out in every aspect of the job?

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