Roman Legionnaire

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  1. dizaster66

    dizaster66 New Member

    Hi all

    I'm currently heavy into Conn Iggulden's
    'Emperor' series of books and I was hoping to find
    a card/paper model of a legionnaire to make , but alas
    my Google searches have been in vain :-(.

    Does anyone know of one ??

    Many Thanks

  2. causticphlegm

    causticphlegm Member

  3. dizaster66

    dizaster66 New Member

    Many Thanks :)

    A bit of trawling round their site and I have now found 2 romans a greek and a few more modelsa Id like to have a go at .

    Of course my wife isnt happy , what with me planning to spend a small fortune :) lol

  4. dizaster66

    dizaster66 New Member

    Well I found 1/2 dozen models I'd like to buy from GPM.

    Prices are reasonable, well until the postage was added :(

    The P+P was 4 times as much as the model cost :-(

    Does anyone know of any UK based models stockists that do online ordering ?



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