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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by iain, Jan 28, 2004.

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    As it looks like it will take a few months to get my carpentry up to speed and my layout semi-constructed I am looking for some way of running in my locos.

    What I have seen is a device with a series of small rollers on which the loco can be placed and run. It seems to be called "rolling or roller rails" in Australia but may be called by some other term as Walthers web site doesnt seem to recognise the term.

    does this sort of thing sound familar. What is it called in American english and where can i get one without paying an arm and a leg.


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    I've never heard of that, but why don't you buy a loop of sectional track? You will probably need it later for locomotive break-ins anyway and it will feed your need for seeing your trains running while you work on the layout! I use a loop of Kato uni-track for this. I believe they have HO and N scale.
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    Hi here in Europe you can get such Test track (with rollers). Ther are many vendors offering such equipment.

    I made my one myself for partion of the price asked in the shops. On a sweep market I could get plenty of cheap roller beerings with pressed in axles. I cut pieces of Aluminium L profile 10x10mmx15mm and drilled 2 holes and pressed the bearings into the holes.
    On the another side I drilled an another hole for a fixing screw.

    The basis is made from 2 about 500 mm long square tube (10x10 x500mm) where on one side I milled a long opening (about 460x3 mm) long for the fixing screws.
    The L pieces with the bearings are easily placed in correct location, the power is feed into the basis tube. Even I can adjust the rail distance. My test track is good for TT 1:120 till Scale 1 (1:32).


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    The English firm of Gaugemaster makes a test track with rollers and electric meters and a power pack. They charge an arm and leg for it, and it's only available in 220V (so I didn't get one).
    There's a company in Oakville, making a set of rollers that sit on track, like the MicroMart ones.

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