Rock Quarry & Cement PLant Free-Mo Layout

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  1. I'm currently designing a free-mo module that will be a quarry and cement plant. The layout is still in the design phase and I originally got the idea of from a Walthers Bulk Transfer Conveyor w/Pit kit I got some time ago. So as I started doing the design of the layout I thought I would start on the weathering of the Bulk Transfer Conveyor kit (like I need to start yet another project). So here is the status of what I got done on the kit so far. I started on the conveyors last week and did some detail work like I added the catch bin at the bottom to of the top conveyor, I made conveyor belts (not shown here), and I added the detail parts to the motors (on both conveyors) to look a little more like motors and not plastic cylinders. I got the base colors done last week as well that are a boxcar red base coat and a white top coat.
    Today I got time on them to do weathering but it was slow going. Don't ask how long it took - it was something like 5 hours to do the rusting on the lower conveyor belt frame.

    Here is what they looked like after I added the power lines and some airbrushing for dust from the sand and rocks being passed on the conveyor belts.

    Here is the rust/weathering I was able to get done today on the lower conveyor belt.
    Side 1:

    Side 2:
  2. Mountain Man

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    Looking good! Good idea for a layout, too. :thumb:
  3. Doctor G

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    Looks VERY nice. I like the rust spot effect.
    Doc Tom:thumb:

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