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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Bob Collins, Mar 6, 2002.

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    What the heck does "w/ DB" and "w/o DB" mean ???
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    Dynamic Brakes:)
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    The RI never used DBs ...

    ... until past 1980 and on my layout!

    Which is in 1996 (and the RIL is a regional road).

    When I get my layout back into operation, that is -

    everything is packed in boxes for the move in June!


    I'm in TRAIN WITHDRAWAL !!!!!!!!!! :eek:

  5. rockislandmike

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    Dynamic Brakes. I should've known that.
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    Andy -

    That Athearn "U30B" on e-Bay is really a U33B.

    Athearn doesn't make a U30B in RI, the number (and design) match the U33B, and the RI never had any U30B locos !
    (ref: Marre)

    I e-mailed the seller about this error.

    You sure see some strange "Rock Island" locomotives on e-Bay!
    Let the buyer beware, I suppose!

    - George
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    I agree, you need to do your home work before you shop. The older the loco the more chance you have of getting a loco that never existed.
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    WHOO WHOO. Got a mail notification today that a package is waiting for me. The GST is big enough, it must be my order from Walthers - three decal sets for Rock Island, and the Milwaukee Brewery.

    Now I should be able to start working on my long list of Rock Island projects. Shoulda got the Roman text set too, but I'm still not sure that's the best way to go for "ROTARY" on the side of the snowplow. That's gonna be a while to get that whole project done anyways, so no big rush on those.
  9. Bob Collins

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    Is the "ROTARY" short for Rotary International? I'll bet there are lots of those folks in your area??

    Just kidding. Someday there will be a plow on my line too, but not just yet.

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    LOL yep like I said, no big hurry. Something about temperatures in the twenties (Celsius btw) just doesn't make me really anxious on finishing the plow...................
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    FYI -

    20 degrees C is 68 degrees F for those who are stuck on the U.S. system (the U.S. is the only major country still on the "English" system of measurements, so we might as well change the name!).

    I wish the U.S. was on metric - I teach it as if it was a foreign language in my science courses! It's much easier and logical than the "English" system!

    Anyhoo, nice weather and no need for a snow plow!

    - George
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    My task tonight was as a decaling machine. Picked up my package from Walthers, and started work on a stock car, tank car, renumbering a boxcar (duplicate number), and renumbering one of my GP38-2's to Navaho Nation 4846 (also duplicate number). The power unit will retain 4310 The American Railfan. Yep that's what I've been doing all night, while having a fan pointed at me - damn it's hot for May up here.
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    It has been over 27 C here in the QCA, Mike!

    Fans are running !!!

    - George
  14. rockislandmike

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    Yeh, hit 27 here yesterday too. Way too hot for this city at this time of year. I had a fan going all night.
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    Rock Island Line the Microsoft for it's time?

    I found this article in the Quad Cities Time Online page. A mighty fine line indeed!

    Railroads spurred manufacturing
    By Kurt Allemeier, Dispatch/Argus Staff writer

    The Silvis rail yards of the Rock Island Lines as they appeared in 1949. At one time they were considered the largest in the country.
    The railroad and Quad-Cities manufacturers came of age together.

    The railroad that first crossed the northern Mississippi River at Rock Island in 1854 opened a more direct route to the western United States and provided manufacturers better options and rates for shipping.

    Many of the companies of the Tri-Cities -- Davenport, Rock Island, Moline -- grew, spurred by the new transport: Deere & Co., Dimock & Gould, Moline Iron Works and Moline Wagon Company.

    By 1860, the Tri-Cities had 30 manufacturers and other smaller shops operating. The area's communities grew from river towns to manufacturing centers. Davenport and Rock Island were originally platted on 100 acres each. Davenport grew to 2,000 acres, while Rock Island grew to 1,500 acres by 1856, according to Roald Tweet's Quad Cities: An American Mosaic.

    The popularity of steamboats dipped following the Civil War, but rail traffic continued to grow as the Tri-Cities enjoyed an increased demand for mechanized farm equipment.

    The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad inaugurated its Chicago-Kansas City Limited in 1887, when 72 passenger trains were arriving and departing the Tri-Cities each week. During the same year, an average of 300 freight cars were loaded at Rock Island each day, while steamboat traffic was virtually non-existent.

    In the early 1900s, rail shipping improved thanks to an innovation first created in the Quad-Cities, while the Rock Island Lines helped found a town.

    William Bettendorf, who owned the Bettendorf Axle Company, invented a single piece truck frame for railroad cars. The frames were previously bolted together and often broke loose. His company boomed from 300 employees to 3,000 by 1920.

    Silvis was born out of 800 acres intended for use as the world's largest locomotive repair shop for the Rock Island Lines. The city was platted in 1905, named after the land's original owners."

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  16. Bob Collins

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    Very interesting article and awesome picture. Thanks very much for taking the time for the history lesson. I enjoyed it.

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    Well you sure can tell when summer has hit the northern country can't ya?

    I guess that I'm no one to talk, Ive been busy myself. The problem is now a days it takes me almost four time longer to do anything cause of my back. But I'm not complaining. Just doing alot of waiting for an answer.

    And besides that I found a few minutes to come here and see all my friends and found this thread way in the back. Now it will be on the top where it belongs:D :D :D

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