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    Here are some more pictures from Rochelle.The first picture is CNW 8701 C44 9W pulling a stack westbound into Global 3 taken on 6-30-08. The 2nd picture is UP 1988 Katy paired up with CNW 8701 C-44 9W pulling into Global 3 with only 2 stack cars with 1 container on each car. The last picture is just the UP 1988 Katy. These 2 pictures were taken on the 4th of July 2008.

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    :thumb::thumb:AWESOME PICS:mrgreen:
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    I've been there back in 2005. It's a great place to watch trains in the upper midwest!

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    fordv10:wav: , SLAP AWESOME SHOTS!:thumb: , in BOTH, this thread, and its sister thread, part1:winki::mrgreen: . THANK YOU for posting them!:thumb:
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    Great Pictures.:thumb: :mrgreen:

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