Road-over-track bridges - pics please

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  1. I am looking to make my urban tracks disappear under a complex of interstate or expressway concrete (or other) overpasses as a variation on the usual tunnel scene break.

    My scale is H0, era 1980s, location sort of Chicago... but I keep looking at Kansas and the bridge approaches there... I am already planning 2 levels of track... street level switching with street running and an upper level for Amtrak and through freights. (This gives me both switching to play trains with and rolling (in a circle) trains. {The whole thing is around-the-walls).

    I have some pics which show me from art deco/early concrete to modern concrete slab. I'm just looking for more for inspiration.

    One pic I especially like is under what I think is an art-deco overpass with a pickup waiting at a bracketed set of grade crossing flashers while a covered hopper passes across in front of it. The pickup is travelling in line with the overpass and the hopper across it.

    Thanks in Advance.

    All background buildings/industry and fences are interesting as well:)
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    Look for some Dallas and Houston photos. Seems like I've seen what you're looking for there.
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  4. Dallas doesn't throw up anything yet, still working on Houston.
    I've found that website before but there are some good updates and I followed the links. Thanks both.

    I'm looking for the overpasses from the road angle as well please...

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