Road Number for CNR GP-9?

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by RobertInOntario, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    I'm kitbashing a GP-18 into a CNR GP-9. (It's going well but the gold decals really tested my patience! :curse:)

    Just wondering what road number I should give it. Could anyone suggest any road numbers for CNR GP-9s that ran through (say) Ontario & Quebec in the 1950s?

    I realize I could google this but thought I'd toss the question out here!

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    I think google might be a good bet, but try the CNcyclopedia first...

    CNcyclopedia - CN Lines SIG

    I don't know if it'll give you locations as well, but at least you can get the numbers more or less correct. Watch out for duplicate numbers, since in the 1950s, there was lots of renumbering going on as steamers retired, and groups of numbers were (re)assigned to incoming diesels.

  3. kirkendale

    kirkendale Member

    Rob, oops, wall1 I was about to tell you that the Toronto Railway Historical Association has #4803 in the John St. roundhouse but its a GP 7. I have been looking for pictures of CP's GP 9 in the same era. If I find some of CN's I will let you know.

  4. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    There's also a CN yahoo group that might be able to provide answers.

  5. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    Thanks, Andrew! -- I'll check that website. Interesting note about the number changes due to the steam/diesel change. Rob
  6. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    Thanks! Let me know if you find anything out re GP9s as you search for pics. Rob
  7. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    I think I found something! I went to the site you suggested and from there went to another site ... Here is a pic and description of a CNR GP9 at this site:

    So maybe I could number it 4100 then?


  8. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    EMD GP9, GP9B Order Numbers lists the build dates and original numbers of all GP9s. I'll assume the 1700 and 2000 series were the ones renumbered. Just pay attention to not take a number that was delivered after your layout's time frame!
  9. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    Thanks, this is a helpful site. Cheers, Rob
  10. doctorwayne

    doctorwayne Active Member

    4100 will work if you're modelling a period after April, 1957. At that time, the loco shown below was renumbered to 4190.

  11. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    Thanks, Wayne. 4100 might be OK then as I'm roughly trying to depict the 1950s. I still might check the pre-1957 numbers though. Cheers, Rob
  12. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    CNR Nos. 1724-1750 or 2000-2024?

    OK, what about using something like 1724-1750 or 2000-2024 as per this site ( These should be suitable CNR road numbers for GP9s from 1954 to 1956, right? :):)

    I'm generally trying to depict the 1950s -- I'm using a bit of 1950s CNR stock with its green & gold colours.

    Just checking in case I'm misreading this chart!

  13. Relic

    Relic Member

    This has nothing to do with your quest,trivia I guess .CN had a GP35 #4100 {don't quote me,I've been wrong before}
  14. Relic

    Relic Member

    Wow I gotta say I'm improving on this thing{computer}I don't have to holler for Dworis nearly as often.
    Any way a good site for CN pics {and other CN family members like CV,GT,etc} is CNR .Lotsa GP's & F's. the only bit....complaint I have is no pics of roofs.
    In case you know someone that cares,that GP35 #4001 was one of two that CN had,was built in '64 and renumbered 9301 in '81.
    This is the only low short hood GP I have and I changed my time frame so I could run it 'cause it works sooo good
  15. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    Thanks -- that sounds like a good site. Rob
  16. kirkendale

    kirkendale Member

    Robert, here are a couple of numbers; 4495 & 4339. These are from I made a search of CN GP9 and had 150 hits, unfortunately all but these two are in more modern colours.
  17. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    Thanks -- I appreciate your looking into that! I've checked that site and will probably go with one of your suggestions. I've added most of the decals now except for the road numbers and the CNR logo, which I hope to do tonight.

  18. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    I just looked up pics for both road numbers and those are excellent pics -- Lots of detail and info!!

    I enjoy historical pics like these -- you can get so many modeling ideas and info from them. The 4495 photo, for example, will helpful me improve the location of some of my decals and improve detail around the headlights and numbers.

    Take care and thanks again.
  19. railwaybob

    railwaybob Member

    Atlas made a nice CN GP9, GP7 in the olive and gold colours. I happen to have about 4 of them. They are really nice runners. You might be able to find some in your LHS or at a MR show flea market. Send an e-mail to Jeff Trew at Larkspur Line and he might have one or two in his newsed supply.

    When first acquired, the locos had numbers in the range of about 1700 - 1729 (don't quote me on this as I'm recalling this from the top of my head). These locos had the small "double headlight" that were stacked one above the other. Then, CN changed the headlight to a single protruding one (Ooohh! does it look ugly!) and at the same time changed the numbers.

    So, I guess it all depends on what time period you want for these locos.

    Bob M.
  20. RobertInOntario

    RobertInOntario Active Member

    Thanks, Bob! Maybe I'll look for other locos made by Atlas, as my project is coming along fairly well now.

    In the end, I went for a number something like 4105 (I'll have to check when I'm at home, I'm just going by memory). This was mainly for practical reasons -- my CN GP 7/9 decal sheet had already included these numbers in its set, so it was easier to simply use one of these! I really struggled with placing the decals onto this loco, and slightly botched them up in a couple places :curse: so I was happy to place 4 pre-printed numbers rather than placing four individual numbers!

    I did check or confirm this number on a CN website and, as far as I can tell, it was used on a CN GP9 in the late-1950s, which is roughly the time period of my layout.

    Thanks again,

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