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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by interurban, Jan 9, 2006.

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    Cool Chris - appreciate your posting the link!!

    :thumb: Val
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    Chris: that article should be read by anyone that uses lost wax castings. (I saw them do that on How it's Made or some such TV show.)
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    Yeah, thanks for that article. I remember learning about ORR turnouts from an old traction nut in the early 70's and have always wanted to know more about Mr. Orr. I actually thought he had died.

    I use the investment casting process on a weekly basis to make copings for porcelain crowns. It's interesting and fun work. I just don't have the capacity that he has.
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    I don't know if Mr. Orr has died or is still around but very ill, but George Huckaby of CUSTOMTRAXX has taken over the Orr line...he knows his stuff! I suppose you could use investment casting on a small scale to make custom frogs and such.

    I have a few Orr turnouts to play with but haven't actually installed any--I am trying to figure out how to adapt them to two-rail so I can use Orr turnouts on my switching layout, which will eventually feature both overhead power and diesel-electrics, which will require two-rail (unlike the PE, the SN didn't put trolley poles on their 44-tonners to trip signals) power. My current theory is to use the frogless Orr turnouts and make custom insulated frogs out of styrene or other non-conductive material, and include power-routing in the switch. That should allow the use of the single-point turnout without causing a short.
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    Great Link Chris.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    i still havent been able to decide on my track layout for my line!

    got something in mind but got to get the On30 up and running first!

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