Reversing Wye's

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by shamus, May 22, 2001.

  1. shamus

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    Hi Jim,
    I Always make time to answer questions for my fellow railroad friends.

    I got a new Bachmann shay as a replacement.

    First let me say that 18" is fine for a logging layout, I have an 18" half circle on my layout and the Bachmann 3 truck shay, and anything else I want to run around it will go with ease.
    Do you know how to wire a wye section? so you don't get a short, if not I will draw a digram for you with pleasure.

  2. jimnrose

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    Help Shamus & Co.
    Motivated by Shamus, I decided to redue part of my layout (easy because I'm still at the track layout stage) for a logging camp/mill town. At the base I was planning to add a reversing Wye but am restricted in space to a 18" radius and only 20" at the ends for the Shay and rolling stock. Two questions: First, is a 18" radius adequate for Shay operations (dedicated to Shays)? Second is 20" adequate length? I don't knnow the length of Shays (say Bachman Shay 3)nor how many cars (assume 2) is a typical load. Bye the way, if Shamus reads this note: has the problem been resolved with your Bachman Shay? I'm not sure you will have time to answer notes with the schedule you have in place for your makeover. Take care, Jim
  3. jimnrose

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    Thanks AGAIN for your help. I'll proceed with vigor with the trackwork. The electrical stuff is supposed to be my nitch.
    It's the landscaping and artwork that is noew to me. I was waiting to pick up a Bachman Shay until your experience turned positive, so I'll keep an eye out for a reasonable price. Take care, Jim

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