Revenue East!

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    In one of my favorite photos of the summer, an eastbound revenue train approaches the crest of the hill at Sand Patch, Pennsylvania on July 26, 2004. This spot, just west of the infamous Sand Patch Tunnel, once contained a wye for turning helper power and a small yard. Nikon N80, 70-210mm f/4-5.6 AF Zoom-Nikkor, Provia 400F.
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    Excellent Picture Brian. One Question, are they going to ever use the track off to the left or are they just going to rip it up? Just curious. Have a good week & weekend.
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    The siding on the left is all that remains of the yard. The last time I saw cars in it was March of 2003, but I'd assume it's still in use today as needed.
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    Thanks Brian. :wave:
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    Great photo Brian. Your photography skills always impress me.
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    Great picture!
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    Revenue East

    Great picture, Brian. Just out of curiosity, I'm not familiar with the area, but what was your "photographic vantage point"? It looks like it might have been taken from an overpass or ??? Thanks.

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