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    My wife and I were out and about in Westchester, PA. I was out there a few years ago interviewing at a job. I found QVC's Studio Park, a helicopter museum and a train station located under a 200' long steel truss bridge that carried I presume the PRR freight line.

    Well, I took her for a ride out there. We love to drive and look for old buildings, remnants of earlier living in these United States. As we were driving what turned out to be Route 30- The Lincoln Highway, she said, "Stop"! I looked for a place to pull over and she asked if I saw the place we just passed? Yeah, looked like an old motor court along the road, closed down. We turned around and pulled into the lot.

    To make the long story short, it was a motor court built on the Lincoln Highway back in the '30s. It was now boarded up. Well we knew after stopping we were looking at some history that's often overlooked. I spyed an old grade crossing and railbed just behind the buildings. I was fascinated. We strolled the grounds and took photos. It was our delight knowing we found a remnant from the past. A true gem. The sign out front of the closed up office announced the coming apartments and strip stores.

    We did some Internet reasearch and found that the building was listed on the National Registery of Historic Places, had a history, changed hands (various businesses- even apartments), etc. But alas, no one is required to maintain or otherwise provide access to such private property.

    The point? Quick, get a camera and get out there. The plows are comin' in the spring!


    P.S. I don't mind telling you I was kicking the dirt looking for Mercury head dimes some traveler may have dropped;)

    Oh yeah- I also flew the helicopter flight simulator from the airport in Westchester to Willow Grove AFB. Final comment from the instructor, "You were real good but, once you got killed in that landing, I can't learn you no more".
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    I'd love to see the pics y'all got!

    Sorry you got killed in that helicopter landing. :(
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    its a shame so many things from the past are being destroyed,when they could make more money as a tourist spot.and that sucks that you died,i liked your posts.LOL.--josh

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