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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by billk, Oct 16, 2001.

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    Just had an idea (probably not original). Under the HO section there has been a discussion about grades, especeally how steep they have to get to get from one level to another. Has anyone tried, or heard of, using an "elevator" to move from one level to the next? Basically, you would have a section of track, long enough to hold your train, that could be moved from one level to another.

    - How to keep it level and how to keep the rails aligned with the non-moving rails. These are not as bad as they seem if you only have two levels. Running a turntable has similar problems, only around and around instead of up and down, only for the elevator you can have permanent stops/alignment devices at the up and down positions, which are the only places that alignment and being level are really important.

    - How to raise/lower the thing. Depends on how complicated you want to get. It wouldn't be necesary to use a motor, you could turn a crank or even just use your hands.

    - How long the track in the elevator has to be. The track doesn't have to be straight. It could have a 180 degree, or more, curve for example.
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    I did see a pic of layout with such a device a while ago. (I have no idea how to find it again). It used a multilevel "carpark" type of rack to store it's trains. It had about six levels of track with about 5 tracks on each level. Needed a particular train? Just raise/lower the "carpark". I don't think an elevator would be very practical on a continuous layout. You would have to stop at the elevator everytime. Even an "out & back" layout, it would be a hinderance. But fab for yard storage.:D

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