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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by farmer ron, Nov 4, 2003.

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    Borrowed the old digital camera from work last nite, put some projects that I have almost completed onto a disk that fits into the camera. All the pictures were taken with the same camera at the same time. I have posted pics of two of the projects and when I go to post pics of the tressle it says too big over 7,000 can not post ????? How do I reduce these so I can post them??
    They are all on a disk in drive a..
    Thanks for the assistance.. Ron..
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    No problem

    Hi Ron,, I downloaded the gauges xnview, you will find the link on the home page.
    When you have it up and running you can access any picture on you C P or cd rom and change them.
    follow the tutorial that is there.
    Hope that sorts it.
    btw I custom my pics down to 640 by 480 then knock 10 # of each and they always load

    .Adding Images to Posts

    The maximum image dimensions are 640 X 480
    Maximum file size is 70 K

    You need the "Flash Player" to view the tutorials. Most computers have it pre-installed with Internet Explorer. If you can't see the tutorials you can download the free player from Macromedia

    Download your free photo software from

    Home Page:
  3. farmer ron

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    Thanks Chris will give it a try..Ron..

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