Recycled Paper Mills????

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    Around 70% of modern paper mills use recycled paper, so would those mills use noting but reclcled paper? Or do they still use woodchips or pulp?
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    Technically, all paper has recycled fiber in it. When the paper is being made, large amounts of baled scrap of the same type of paper is mixed in with the virgin pulp. During the the paper making process, there are several large "Broke Chests" under the machine. These are nothing more that 100,000 gallon garbage disposals. If the paper web were to break for whatever reason, and it will for any reason, it is channeled into these broke chests so that the machine never stops. They correct the problem, start about an 8" piece running through the machine, and when they are satisfied that all is right, they expand the web to it's full width.

    There is a mill several miles from the one I do business with that uses nothing but recycled paper. They make toilet paper.

    Well, that was entirely more info than you wanted, but if you have any questions about a paper mill, I am working in one 6-8 times a year.

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