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    Has someone tryed to make an automatic shuttle with the Kato RDC's?
    The plan is to make a N-scale switching layout on a shelf with a local passenger traffic in the background.
    At two places the switcher should cross the passenger line to reach customers located on the opposite side of the passenger line.
    The RDC units should go automatic from one end on the shelf (covered with a tunnel) to a station, halt there a few seconds and than start to reach the other end of the shelf (covered with buildings), wait a few seconds and then return his way back to the station, wait a few seconds and than start to the end of the shelf where it started.
    This should go on and on and on and on, while I can switch cars from a small yard to the customers manually.
    I am NOT using DCC so all of it must be done in DC.
    Is this possible?

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    Yes, it's quite possible. Walther's has listed several reversing units that are programmable for delays and direction. I'll list a few as a reference.


    The crossing should not be a turnout, unless you want to throw switches constantly. A regular 'X' type crossing should suffice. Whether or not this stuff is available where you live is another matter.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks BDC,

    But I think before ordering I try to build an electronic circuit myself to do the task. If this does not suit my needs I can still order at Walthers which is not a problem over here.


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