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  1. interurban

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    The railroad pictures were taken in Prince George, B.C. at the Railway and
    Forestry museum.

    These pictures were taken by My Daughter in Laws Mum and Dad, who just happen to know how much I would appreciate R/R shots.
    Bless them they had me in mind when they were in Prince George, B.C.

    So here are a few shots from there visit:thumb:

    I hope to get out west next year these pictures make me want to fly out tomorrow.
    Thanks for the pictures Holly and Bob.

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  2. Dave Flinn

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    Nice pix, and it's nice to have folks think of you when they're traveling.
  3. Tayder

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    Nice pics! I used to live very close to where the electrified BC Rail coal trains ran. Silent death. There is another great museum with an operating Shay down on the island.
  4. spitfire

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    Neat Chris - very thoughtful of them!

  5. galt904

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    I was unaware there was a RR museum in Prince George. I'll have to talk the family into stopping in (won't be too hard :) )on our next trip through in a few years.

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