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  1. I have recently been watching Tracks Ahead on PBS which talks about model railroads and real railroads and it is pretty good, does anyone else know of any other model/real railroad shows? I think they are fun to watch whenever you have some time for it.
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    there is Trains and Locomotives on RFD tv, which is a farming channel. it also has some model trains sometimes.
  3. Is RFD tv on regular cable, and what time is the show on at?
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    I have Satellite, and the channel for me atleast is 379. I think it is elsewhere to.

    to be honest, i don't watch the show enough to know the exact times, and it appears to have changed on me! it was on at 9 this morning with trains of PRR's western line. Its usually on saturday mornings, and around 6 in the afterrnoon on some week days, but i'll have to check.

    the other thing i noticed is that its on some days and times, but not consistently. if your cable has a guide, you could look through there once you find RFD.
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    There's one on civilization channel called great train stories about the history of railroads in Canada. Deals mostly with CP
  7. Thanks, thats really helpful!
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    History channel has two shows worth tivo'ing, "Mega Movers" locomotive will air june17 2pm est and "Deep Sea Detectives" Train wreck in Lake Michingan june 19 10pm est
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    If you catch the History Channel just right(Usually early in the morning) they sometimes re-run episodes from their Railroad History show(I forgot the name) they ran a couple of years ago.
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    "Trains Unlimited" was a series that ran for about three years. (wild guess). Excellent series. There was one on model trains. Must have been about 30 episodes. I have all of them taped.

    Texas chief:thumb:
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    There is one called Working On The Railroad and that is on the DIY Network. It is on tuesday mornings at 7:30 a.m. Really good show. It deals with everything about model railroading.
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    The "Do It Yourself Network" aka DYI has had a series called "Working On The Railroad" on Saturday nights in the past, but it hasn't been on lately. Some of their programs get rerun from time to time, so it may come back. They basically took a Woodland Scenics kit and built a model railroad with it over a series of a half dozen or so episodes. Matthew, you posted while I was typing!
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    Thanks for joggin' the ol' brain Dick...I couldn't remember for the life of me the name of that show.
    I do remember one episode on cabooses, was filmed right here in Connecticut on the Naugatuck Valley RR.
  14. I watched Workin' on the railroad this morning, it is pretty good, thanks for the help everyone.

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