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    This long passenger train is travelling across Canada heading west, about 2 hours out of Calgary, the engineer has problems with one of the two locomotives pulling the train. He decides he better shut it down. This puts more pressure on the remaining engine. Just as they are about to enter the foothills of The Rockies, the other locomotive starts acting up, the engineer decides that he should shut that one down soon.

    He decides to tell the passengers what is going on, he picks up the mike and says into the intercom...

    "This is the engineer speaking, I have good news and bad news. First the bad news. We are having trouble with our engines and will have to shut them down, the train will be coming to a stop shortly. Now the good news, you are travelling ViaRail, NOT Air Canada."
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    Hi, Will.
    Didi you hear about the honeymoom couple? They were taking the Canadian out west and were snuggled up together in the dome car one night, watching the prairie roll by. The Girl says "We've got a really sharp engineer on the train tonight."
    "How do you know?"
    "He gets by each of the signals just before they turn red."

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