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    Railimages at www.trainboard.com is a free picture hosting site. Many will store their pictures there so they can post them in other forums. So for example, the Atlas forum hosts the Sunday Nite Photo Fun in which many post pics of their layouts, scratchbuilding, kitbashing, painting and weathering, etc. You have to have pics stored at a web site (it could be your own) to post at other web sites.

    Here is the latest, but before I post it I'd like to say that Charlie pays for this service out of his pocket. Obviously he hopes you will use trainboard as one of your forums. A nice payment to Charlie would be for those of you who have used the railimages a lot, to actually do some posting in trainboard. Of course, there is no oblgation, and you don't have to, but it would be a class act if you did.

    From Charlie:

    "We are still on track for tomorrow or Friday.

    Details on how to apply for an account will be given soon. If you had an account at the old RailImages, you will be one of the first to get a new account.

    Get your images ready."

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    I have just copied and pasted this email:


    You are receiving this e-mail as a member of RailImages.com. If it is unwanted, please reply and let us know.

    A few months ago, our RailImages.com site was shut down by the host. Apparently our traffic and bandwidth was too much for them and they closed our site.

    At that time, they wanted to slap a punitive charge on us to be able to FTP to the site and at least download the images stored there so we could move the site to a new server. Since we had not violated any of their policies and this was just something they decided to do, we did not pay them what we considered to be "ransom" money to be able to download the images. As well, we figured that 90% or more of users would still have copies of the images on their computers. So, everything was lost. We tried to negotiate with them but they would not budge

    Since that time, we have been looking at a number of options. We know how much people enjoyed and needed the site but we didn't know how much!

    So, we are pleased to announce the NEW RailImages.com!

    You can visit http://www.railimages.com to see the new mail page. As this e-mail is being sent, there is no link to within the site from that page but sometime between now and next Monday, the site will be opened.

    As a past member of RailImages.com, we would like to offer you this advance chance to be one of the first new members!

    The new site uses different software and we hope you will find it to be an improvement over what we offered in the past. As with anything new, we are still working out some bugs but we think you are going to like the NEW RailImages.com!

    Paul Cassar, also an Administrator at TrainBoard.com, will administer the new site from Sydney, Australia. His e-mail address is support@railimages.com and we hope you'll contact Paul to ask for an account at the new site. (Please be sure to include your FIRST and LAST name when asking for an account.)

    As this site will use an enormous amount of Internet bandwidth, donations are going to be accepted to help pay the bills. The site is still FREE - you do not have to donate, but if you should want to, there is a "donate" button on the bottom of each page on the site.

    All our best and we look forward to your participation and contributions to the NEW RailImages.com!

    Charlie Dix
    Alexander, Maine

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