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    I don't know what to call this to search for more pictures. My wife (and puppy) and I were in Jefferson City, MO for the weekend to take pictures of their capital building. Between the capital and the river is a small UP rail yard.


    I didn't take the time to get a good picture, but you can sort of see it here. Rather long green cars with lengths of rail on roller-racks and a few hoppers with ballast. I'd like more / better pictures if anyone has some, or at least a more technical name for these highly customized cars. Also, does anyone make a kit model of them? Might be a fun addition to a larger layout.
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    Those cars carry ribbon rail..This is also known as welded rail and usually comes in 1000ft lengths.
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    That's pretty awesome. Makes me wish I would have taken better pictures! :)
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    And a wealth of infos.


    Also from that page:


    I don't know about you, but I'd call that a bunch of rail.
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    That is cool! It's the same way track was laid in the early days of railroading but with steam!


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