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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Chessie1973, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Chessie1973

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    I made up a programming and test track for my DCC setup today.

    (well actually it is still drying)

    I used a scrap piece of 2x6 and three pieces of Atlas code 100 flex track as well as AMI instant roadbed to put it together

    I plan to have one track connected to my programming ports on my Digitrax Zephyr. Another connected to the normal running ports for testing locomotives and the third track will be a deads track for use in setting the coupler hieghts etc of rolling stock as well as a drying track for completed models.

    I set it up with the middle track having the Kadee coupler guage screwed down on the track at one end. I will be connecting up the tracks by soldering feeders to the rails and I may even use a junction block to wire it all to make it removable if needed.

    The nice thing is I can use this for a small off layout staging areas for trains as well. I will post some pics of it once the ballast glue dries. I used the AMI stuffwith sand on it but I wanted to seal it with a dillute glue mix.
  2. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    Here are some quick pics I took of the track after I had applied the glue while it was drying.

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  3. 60103

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    2 suggestions

    Chessie, I have 2 suggestions.
    Put some sort of bumper at the ends -- even clamping or screwing a piece of wood on that comes an inch above track level.
    Put an uncoupling magnet in the track with the coupler gauge.
    You might think about having a coupler pin clearance gauge.
    You'll find a re-railer handy.
  4. Chessie1973

    Chessie1973 Member

    I have actually glued somw ties to the ends of the tracks to act as bumpers.

    ASs for the couple pin gauge, the kadee coupler gauge does both the coupler hieght and the pin hieght in one gauge.

    I use a ramp style rerailer instead of a rerailer track because I dont like how cheesey the rerailer tracks look.
  5. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    You're way ahead of me...

    You're right about the pin gauge. I was thinking of the N scale version.
    And I had pictured a portable re-railer as well. (I finally saw a picture of a prototype for the track section re-railers.)

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