Question for RioGrande (Red Caboose D&RGW gondolas)

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Topo, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. Topo

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    Hi, RioGrande. :wave:

    I'm been tempted by the Red Caboose' D&RGW GS Gondolas (I need put some to work hauling limestone from the "Glacier Gravel" mine!). :p :D

    They look very nice (in the RC website tiny pictures, though), but I don't know how prototypical they are.

    After checking the Eager's book the #s seem correct, but the RC pictures of them are too small to compare (you don't have them in yor list, either). Do you have some info about these cars? :confused:
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    I suppose I should add those to my list of HO freight cars with a caviat. No, I don't have any of the Red Caboose cars - partly due to price and cash is short supply, and partly because my focus is really 1980's when these cars would have not been used much any longer.

    The only accurate and correct HO drop bottom gon comes in brass. I'm afraid the HO plastic models like the Red Caboose will have to do as a "stand-in" - they are actually pretty close, but they are a bit too short. I've been tempted to buy a few myself - and actually I have 4 old MDC 40' gons I have as "stand-in's" - they look close but the Red Caboose are closer. Just not dead on!
  3. Topo

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    Thanks for the info, Jim.

    My interest window in the D&RGW don't have sharp frames. That is, I'm parcial to the motive power and rolling stock from 50's to late 60's but I don't dislike any earlier stuff nor more modern one (according to Eager's book, these gondolas were used until early 70's so they would fit well into my favourite D&RGW years). :p

    You have mentioned brass. Which manufacturer make GS Gondolas in D&RGW? Overland?

    You're right about the availability of RC cars. Someone could imagine that at these prices it would be easier to find them, but I'm just realizing that it's not easy task! :eek: :eek: RC must be making very short runs! :curse:

    The only RC D&RGW gondolas actually "available" are the ones dedicated to beet service and they won't be appropiate for the limestone haul that I intend to do (oh, well, I can indulge in a couple of these "beeters" until RC makes another run of the others). :( :oops:
  4. RioGrande

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    Actually I grew up in California and watched beat gons role north-south through my home town of Davis (near Sacramento). So I would love a fleet of those just for old times sake.

    I think it was W&R who made the brass D&RGW gons... they would sell for close to $200 each I think... way to expensive for me! I think the Red Caboose gons are like 2 feet too short, but most of us can live with that. According to Jim Eagers book, D&RGW owned 42' and 46' G.S. gons. I would like to have a few of them myself, but they sell out pretty quickly when they are offered. Hopefully the popularity will mean they will continue to be rerun.

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