Question about scratch built interchanges?

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  1. Hello all, just wondering, does anyone know of any online resources for makeing my own crossings from code 100 track? Im wanting to add a couple of interchange tracks on my layout and i dont care for the looks of the Atlas crossings, there too fake looking. Also, does anyone know or have any pictures of ones that you have made so i can get an idea of what a real one may look like modelled? Thanks for your help.:wave:
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    I've never built a crossing myself yet - just track and turnouts - but the day will come. In the meantime, the Yahoo handlaid track group ( is a great resource for questions about handlaid track, resources, methods and techniques, and pictures of both model and prototype.

    I feel your pain about the Atlas crossings - not just the appearance, but I always seem to come up with a non-available angle or want a curved crossing to get the track plans I draw into a very limited space. When I'm drawing a plan for myself, I'm OK with curved turnouts and custom crossings. But others usually want a plan using commercial track, and the cost in very small layouts is losing a spur or operating feature.

    yours in handlaid track

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