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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by texmaster, Dec 2, 2006.

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    I have an HO layout with 2 engines on the same track. My locomotive is the new MTH Ho loco. Its great however it cannot be programmed so I kept it on 3 and set my other engine (an Atlas) to 004. The problem is I hit something and now my MTH wont work and cannot be programmed because the remote doesn't recognize it. All I want to do is wipe the memory of the remote and start fresh. Since my MTH isn't recognized to be programmed, I can still use it on its default setting and reporgram the other.

    Does anyone know how to reset these remotes back to their factory settings? I can't find it anywhere in the manual.


  2. Thoroughbreed

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    In the December Model Railroader, pg 37, is an article in the dcc section on how to reset the decoders. You have to know the manufacturer of the decoder 1st, and then the correct cv function to reset it.
    Try reading cv 8 on the program track to determine the manufacturer.
    mfg id---------------------------------- cv for
    ------------------------------------------manufacturer in cv8---------------------------- reset
    Lenz __________________________99__________________________________ cv8=33
    nce___________________________ 11__________________________________ cv30=2
    digitrax ________________________129_________________________________ cv8=8
    loksound (esu)__________________ 151_________________________________ cv8=8
    train control sys_________________ 153__________________________ cv8=8 or cv30=2
    soundtraxx dsdlc, dsx _____________141_______________________________ cv30=2
    soundtraxx tsunami_______________ 141_______________________________ cv8=8
    mrc (new)______________________ 143______________________________ cv125=1
    QSI____________________________ 113____________________________ check manual for reed switch or inside loco for reset jumper

    try these settings.:thumb:
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    thanks very much! I'll give it a try
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    Thank You Very Much!

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