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    At this moment they are ALL avialable for purchase. I would like them money as soon as possible. I have never used Pay Pal, and know nothing about it but would be willing to learn. As far as selling this stuff, this is a first time for me doing this. This purchase fell into my lap and I thought I would offer it up to others here since so many have been helpful. I figure why shouldnt everyone enjoy the gain right. :) I will ship what ever way you want, I will send it insured if you'd like, your paying the shipping so it makes no difference to me. I will look into doing this again if this is successful, but lets see how this one goes. :)

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    :wave: Thanks for the interest. At this time I only have this one purchase avialable. You can buy as many as you'd like till they are gone. Sorry if I wasnt clear on what I would have avialable. :oops:

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    You mean the BNSF Executive is the only scheme available? That's fine, that's what they make Pine-Sol for (or so I have been told)

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    So, you want two then? LOL, Pine-Sol huh... Hey what ever works for you. :) If you would like them PLEASE send me a pm so I know who wants one two ect. In the PM line please put the quanity you'd like. I will then respond to you and tell you if I can fill your request or not since I will have them in order by time and date. This is first come first serve so if they are all gone ect. I have been fair about it. Please let me know! Thanks!!!! :)
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    Holy cow that's a sweet looking engine.
    The only way it could be better if it were the old green and black colors.
    Now I really wish I had the scratch to take one off your hands.
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    That is a really nice engine .....

  7. LongIslandTom

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    The P2Ks and P1Ks are indeed very nice engines. I have two P2K Alco S1s myself and they are awesome. It's LL's el-cheapo toy line that everyone detests.

    Unfortunately, LL does not offer a Proto-line F40PH. The only F40PH they offer is the el-cheapo pancake drive piece of trash. If they offered a Proto F40PH I'm sure it would do quite well-- The POS toy-line F40PH does have a decent shell; if only they would put it on a Proto chassis/mechanism it would have been a winner.


    That is a sweet-looking 70 Mac. I would love to get in on your deal, except I can't run 6-axle locos very well on my tiny pike. :(

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    Bummer man. Well if this is a success maybe we can do it again. I have no problem doing it but I dont know if this one will gone as planed or not. Tell ya what, if it works out we will see if we can go with a 4-axle run next time. Cross your fingers that it will work. :)
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    phew! That's a relief:D I just remembered that my first F3 (the one that died, same color scheme) didn't have a pancake motor, but it had a faulty cucuit that fried the loco and so I got my current one. I should have thougt he meant the el-cheapo linesign1 . Walthers actualy makes the pk2000's now, and they might listen to your request.....:thumb:
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    I've seen a few of those BNSF's while at work, and have a (very bad) picture of one. Anyone have any info on these units?
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    The BN 70 Macs, you mean?

    Well, they are historically significant because of several things...

    - BN was the first railroad to receive the 70 Mac in 1992.

    - The SD70MAC was the first production locomotive to use AC traction motor technology. EMD beat out GE by about a year in introducing AC traction-- GE came out with the AC4400CW a year later in 1993 if I remember right. AC traction has quite a few advantages such as higher tractive effort and easier maintenance since the motors don't have commutator brushes.

    - The SD70MAC was the first production locomotive to use a truck with self-steering axles (the HTCR Phase I). The trucks no longer swivel at the bolster, but are fixed in place. Instead, the axles are actuated so they can turn a few degrees in place to keep the wheel flanges parallel to the rail on curves. This cuts down on rail and wheel wear significantly.

    Personally, I think that original "executive" green-and-cream paint scheme looked real nice... Then the Bunsuf merger loomed and they started making green-and-cream warbonnets (bleh) and then pumpkins (bleh bleh).. At one point you got SD70MACs in consists with all three paint schemes, plus an odd one or two in straight classic BN black and cascade green (like the one Oldtanker caught on his railfanning trip). It was ridiculous! :D
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    I meant the executives. I've only seen a few of them myself, but see BNSF's on a dialy basis
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    There was only one green and cream warbonnet.

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