Query from a newbie about paper sizes.

Discussion in 'Tips & FAQs' started by Nitebytes, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Nitebytes

    Nitebytes New Member

    I'm posting from work, so don't have the exact message, but...

    I'm in the UK, using pepakura viewer, and have so far printed (and mostly completed) two projects; one is an army of two mask, the other is a Helghast mask thing. (My plan is to put the two together to make a decent sci-fi looking mask).
    On both files when I printed them out I had a message saying that my paper size didn't match the size of the pdo I was trying to print, did I want to re-size. Not wanting any parts to print 'off the page' I clicked yes.

    The parts, now made, seem a little on the small side, but not unusably so.
    Is this a common thing when printing PDO files, and what can I do (other than try to find 'legal' paper in th UK) to fix it?
  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    You could go the "File/Copy Development to Clipboard, at this point, you open up in MS Paint, or XNView (which I prefer and also is free), then size the image to whatever you want, and save the image as a .jpeg, or whatever other format you wish. At this point it becomes easier to work with. If it comes out ass one big picture just crop out the picture (make sure you always keep the original copy of the file.

    There are other which may chime in and show you better methods, this is not the written in stone method. :)
  3. anthony344

    anthony344 Member

    Check your size what paper that you are going to use an select it in your printer settings in the options from pepakura.

    go to files at the top of pepakura an click printer setup , you will see on your left side, your paper sizes if you are using A4 paper select that in the listings. they got different sizes to what you need if your printer supports it. And make shore that you either select portrait or landscape on the right. check to see if the page where your parts are layed out if it's portrait or landscape first before selecting it.:thumb:
  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Yeah, what he said! :):thumb:
  5. Nitebytes

    Nitebytes New Member

    Many thanks guys. :)
    I'd seen threads about scaling and stuff in other areas and that A4 was like 90% / 95% the size of Legal, but couldn't see anywhere to mess with that. Guess they were talking about Zathros' method?
  6. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    After I first tried using Photoshop CS3, I went to bed, crying. 3 weeks later, I tried it again. I ended up using XNView for most of what I needed and finally got tot he point with I could cut and rearrange stuff with CS3. I watched a tutorial where this guy takes a blank canvas, blows his nose, wipes it, spits, and "poof" there's a landscape with a Cow, eating grass. I did not understand one word he said. I just did not understand the "terminology", and maybe, if he had a small screen showing exactly what keys he was pressing and slowed down to less than the speed of light, so I could see what his mouse was clicking, I would have learned something. I find most of the Photoshop videos to be quite pretentious. They assume this is all anyone does. The guy had such a snide look, almost like he farted his painting/drawing/scene/ whateveritisthattheycallitwhenitisdoneinPotoshop, onto the canvas. :)

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