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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by D.R.Rosser, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. D.R.Rosser

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    I am in the process of adding some PRR (Athearn)passenger cars to my layout. I will have a combine, number 4902, a coach, number 4903, and a dome passenger car, number 4905. Does anyone know if there is an existing model of a number 4904, and what specific kind of car it would be? Thanks, Dave
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    First off, I am a west coast modeller with a passion for the Pennsy. I just happened to find a PRR related website and found a passenger car roster from the early 1950s. I did not find those Athearn car numbers in the series. Cars in the series 4925, 31, 35, 50, and 51 are designated "Passenger Baggage."

    Here is the website for the Pennsy roster:

    I hope it helps. Perhaps a Pennsy expert can help.
  3. D.R.Rosser

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    Thanks for the info, will d-load the file. I suspect the numbers may not really match actual PRR numbers. Athearn and other model manufacturers were not so fussy about accurate numbers and details that matched the prototype cars in the "good old days". Close enough was often OK. In any case it makes a good looking train. FYI, my locomotive roster is now up in the 70's, and about half are Pennsy. I guess that also makes me a Pennsy fan. Dave
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    Dave, I became a Pennsy fan as a child the day my father brought home an American Flyer freight train powered by a cast metal K-4 Pacific. He ordered the trainset following his return from the war, but it took nearly a year before the A.C. Gilbert Company could begin using metal for their trains. (There was a metal shortage during the war.) The trainset was in a 'transitional' period where the loco and cars were 'S' scale, but the wheel sets were designed to straddle 3-Rail Lionel style track. (Later, that loco received an 'S' guage wheel set to allow it to run on two-rail 'S' guage track, but by then the loco was cast in plastic.) I loved my K-4, slept with it, and eventually wore all the paint off of it! Today, I have a few Pennsy HO locos but the majority of my collection is made up of ATSF, SP, UP and my favorite: the Pacific Electric.

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