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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Gregg Mahlkov, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. Though I'd try to post a photo of my layout. Guess it didn't work!
  2. kettlestack

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    Hi Gregg,
    Don't get dissilusioned with your first attempt.....
    If you have a photo or picture on your hard drive in .jpg format you can attach it to your post by using the "Attach File" box (just above the "Submit Reply" button and navigate to the .jpg file using the "Browse" button. It's as easy as putting attachments into e-mails.

    There is also a way to post pics/photos from your website if you have such a site. I haven't used it so I won't say anymore about it lest I tell you wrong.

    Hope you have success on your next attempt.
  3. Drew1125

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    Keep trying Gregg!
    We would LOVE to see some N scale Pennsy action!:cool:
  4. Sorry, I can't post the jpg's. They are between 220 and 280 K bytes, and the max shows as 102.4 K - No wonder it didn't work! I knew better than to try the tif's, they are more like 2 MB! May try something else, but will be a few days.
  5. Tyson Rayles

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    It's looking good Gregg :cool: as you get more done please share them with us.
  6. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Very nice work, Gregg...
    Would love to see more!:cool:
    That 3rd shot looks like it might have been at a show somewhere?
    What's the size of the layout?
    Can you give us some details?
  7. Here are some more pictures, one of the whole layout, which is exactly 2 ft. by 4 ft., and another of my gas-electric and oil wholesale depot.

    The photos were shot by Dave Ramirez of the Pensacola Ntrak club at the Wiregrass Train Shjow in Dothan, AL, last fall.
  8. roryglasgow

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    That's a great layout, Gregg! It's amazing what can be accomplished in such a small space. What is the minimum radius?

  9. The minimum radius was supposed to be 8 inches, but the track was laid on cork sheet, not cork roadbed. Steam locos larger than an MDC 2-8-0 or 6 axle Diesels will not negotiate the curve behind the enginehouse. There was a curve so sharp on the lower level that it had to be rebuilt..
  10. eatst14

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    Looks great Greg,

    any chance we can get a layout diagram? What kind of turnouts did u use, atlas/peco?
  11. There never was a layout diagram It is basically a folded dogbone and spurs were added where they could be fit in. Six of the switches are Arnold Rapido (the switch machines could be turned upside down and buried on them) and one is Atlas, which replaced a Joeuf on which the coils burned out. The track has been laid for 30 years.

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