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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by CCT70, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. CCT70

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    I was just cleaning up my desk (I'll try and attach a photo of WHY) and the SESSPOOL of papers, books and other crap is starting to hamper my ability to work. This is my home office and it's a mess. A lot of it is locomotive and car technical manuals and other related industry stuff that I use at work. I wiork as an independent contractor training engineers, switchmen, carmen, and MOW workers for the Military, shortlines and industrial customers. I have amassed a ton of this stuff and Need to take it down to my office to organize it and put it in book cases. Some of it is AAR and FRA regs and stuff, but there is stuff from EMD and GE, Car builders, Railpower (Green Goats and their Gen Set switchers), stuff from parts and equipment manufacturers like Wabtech, New York Air Brake, etc. Just all sorts of crap. I was thinking though, some of this stuff, like exploded truck diagrams with brake rigging, truck mounted air brakes, EVO locomotives, etc. might be of interest to modelers in building that "perfect" model of a particular car or loco. Would you folks be interested in me posting that kind of stuff occasionally? Things like exploded diagrams and such? Things like FRA (49CFR) regs on ditchlites, etc? I can't really take many *requests* for particular stuff as it is kind of as I have time and run across it, but I am thinking once or twice a week, posting something different. Would that be of any help or assistance to you guys and would you be interested in seeing this kind of stuff? It's all mechanical type stuff, I won't post train handling stuff due to security reasons, and I can't divulge certain things that are proprietary new technology secrets to certain manufacturers, but I just thought I'd ask and see if this is something of interest to the modeling community?

    If so, Moderators, where would you like me to post these? ( what category of the board)?

    Yuk... Look at my desk. I know what I'll be doing after dinner! Gross...

  2. N Gauger

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    Post the pics in the gallery - Contact Ezdays or me when you're ready and we'll make a folder for you :) :)

    Then just reply to this thread whenever you are finished uploading the pics and that'll let everyone know (that subscribes to this thread) that you posted new pics :) :) :) :)
  3. N Gauger

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    ............. One more thing.... As you said - no secrets - no security stuff and Please - NO copyrighted materials!!! - everything you post MUST be generally available information......

    ~~~ thanks!!!!
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    Well, that's just it, it isn't very much "generally available" as it is industry stuff, but, it's stuff put out by these companies for training purposes, so it is ok I'm sure to post. They're generally made available to railroad employees and trainers. Then there is things like the CFR49 that *is* public info, you would just need to know where and how to find it.

    I do understand what you're saying though, and I agree and will heed these requests.
  5. ezdays

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    That's great, as Mikey said, we can set up a separate category for you anywhere, the Gallery would be one place, but I might suggest a sub-category in the Reference section. Kinda like having our own library. Anything you post there will be appriciated and well read.
  6. CCT70

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    Otay, I can host photos in my photobucket account if it will ease the space on the Zealot server.
  7. CCT70

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    That's kind of what I am trying to establish. A Library of prototype info that is available to modelers that anyone can add to. :thumb:
  8. MadHatter

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    CCT70, this is an excellent idea!! Can't wait to see some of the stuff!
  9. RailRon

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    This is a very interesting offer, Tom.

    I found that it is quite easy to get detailed information about historic RR technology (say steam engines, older diesels, mechnical signalling...) But I found it quite difficult to find information about details of recent technology.

    Thank you in advance!

  10. CCT70

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    Cool. Getting things organized here, look for something in a new thread on this board this week.

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