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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by jsoflo, May 17, 2006.

  1. jsoflo

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    Can anyone help me out and let me know how DCC compatible the life like proto 2000 GP60 is, and how DCC compatible the upcoming SD38 is said to be? I can't seem to find it anywhere but I could use these prototypes. Thanks.
  2. siderod

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    N-scale SD38??

    The N-scale LL GP60 isn't very DCC-friendly. Frame needs to be milled. Several places offer this service...Aztec is one of the best names in the buisness. Another company that does equally good work is Spillage Loco Works. Both will modify the frame so a hard-wired decoder will fit right in. A decoder the size of the DZ123 will fit with no problems, once the frame has been modified.

    Aztec's site is:
    Spillage's Site is:

    If you go with Spillage, tell him that Siderod sent you.
  3. jsoflo

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    1-- thanks for the tip
    2-- I meant GP38-2, my mistake, many sorrys.

    love the shell detail on these but the dcc issue seems a pain and have heard they are not great runners.
  4. Catt

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    The GP38-2 was and hopefully still is to be the first Plug-n-Play LifeLike N scale loco.
  5. siderod

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    Do you happen to know if the new LL GP38-2, if/when they do come out, are going to accept an already-available decoder (ala the Digitrax decoders for Atlas units), or is it going to be some totally new, off the wall thing from some obscure manufacturer? Or worse, is it going to be something we have to wait a year for, just so Digitrax or Lenz comes out with a decoder to fit the LL unit.

    It wouldn't be the first time Lifelike has done weird things...
  6. SeriousSam

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    ah dang, I was getting all excited with the SD38. I still have hope some company will release an N Scale version :(

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