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    I haven't tried that kit, but as a general rule I can tell you that the best way to improve your modeling skills is to take risks and try the kits that make you stretch a bit. If your'e not sure about the turret, photocopy it and test build it a couple of times. I test built the "greenhouse" on GPM's Blenheim 4 or 5 times before I tackled the actual kit part, and I learned a lot that way. I still test-build assemblies from time to time, after building half a dozen "complex" aircraft kits.

    It certainly helps to start with a well-designed model, but you can learn from a poor design, too. I've thrown away a few half-finished models that were design disasters, but none of the time I've spent working on any of them has been wasted. I take as much pride in a finished model as the next guy or girl, but the real fun is in watching it take shape on my workbench.

    So have at, and have fun!
    No worries,

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