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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jr switch, Oct 18, 2006.

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    Just remembered another question i have---i have a temperary set up in the workroom so i can run trains while layout is built. an oval of 22" radius with an oval of 18" radius inside. i want to run two trains at the same time. can this be done with one transformer or will the inside track require a transformer of it's own? Another thing, for some reason, my IHC 4-6-4 will jerk and slow down at the same spot in the 2 straight track section along the wall, runs normally around the rest of the circuit. The tract sections are tight and track is clean in this area. Could i have a section that is a little narrow? My 2-10-2 and the Decopod, 2-10-0, do not seem to have the same problem. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for your help-----John R
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    Are you DC or DCC? That matters regarding your first Q about two locos at once.

    You can always add more power wires to the area that runs inconsistantly, if you are sure it's clean. Believe me, It's doesn't take much dust and/or dirt to kill a loco.:curse: Wipe down the trouble spot with a rag soaked with mineral spirits, after looking real close at the rails and rubbing them with a hard eraser.
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    John: You can run two trains from the same controller as long as you don't want to do any fancy controlling. You may find that some locos are incompatible -- I have some that won't run at all if certain other locos are on the track; usually one is legacy stuff.
    Yry a bit of extra wiring on the straight track -- then use some long-nosed pliers on the rail joiners. Does it run OK on the other straight section? Turn it around and run the other way.
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    Thanks guys-

    I knew I was going to like this forum. I'm running DC right now, I'll try to really clean the tracks well and you said run another set of wires to the trouble spot? Yes, the engine seems to run ok on the rest of the oval. I'll try your suggestions, thanks again---John R
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    John: I know that there are some locos that run better on curves because the extra pressure makes better electrical contact.
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    You can run 2 different trains on the same time on 2 differant track. Make sure your thottle control can handle the amps. If the throttle is hot to the touch. Stop running 1 of them. This is a fire hazard! The MRC controls has an overload protection in them. They should be ok. Just keep an eye on the heat coming from the throttle. You should be alright. :thumb:

    Andy :wave:

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