Power Supply For Turnout Control

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Bob Landry, Nov 25, 2007.

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    I'm building my first layout, N scale. Control is a Zephyr and I'm going to use Digitrax Auto-Reversing modules for my Reversing loops. Turnout control is going to be remote, but I'm going to set it up with a diode matrix for control so I can set routes also. I know, DCC turnout control, but the cost is prohibitive at this point.
    I need a power supply that will handle several Peco switch motors at the same time when selecting a route. The turnouts will also be operated singly as well as two at a time for crossovers.
    I'm not opposed to building one from parts, but I'm just as agreeable to buying one that will meet my needs. I've just read so much about it that I'm brain dead and I don't know what I need as far as minimal output, etc.
    With all of the other projects that I have waiting in the wings, I'm really thinking about just purchasing one and getting on with building and wiring.. Any suggestions, anyone?
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    You can build or buy a capacitor discharge unit.:thumb:
    There was (or is) a book ( Practical eElectronic Projects for Model Railroaders) by Peter J. Thorne-Kalmbach Books. It shows two different units you can build yourself. It has some information about a matrix system too.

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