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    The benchwork on my 7' x 12' layout is now complete. Track plan is also now complete. I bought plywood last night, so with any luck I'll start installing subroadbed tonight. I'm quite excited.

    I've also been steadily weathering my rolling stock, and last night reached the 25% level. My ultimate goal is 94% (i.e., only my very fave units are going to remain in pristine condition).

    Haven't started detailing my ROCK GP38-2's yet, but I do have a number of ROCK decal sets inbound to assist with that and some other projects. I also decided to order one of Custom Finishing's track alignment tamper machines - they were $10 off in the spring Walthers catalogue, so I couldn't resist any further.


    I'm going to take some pics tonight b4 I start installing subroadbed, just to have an initial benchwork picture to compare the future with.

    I do need to figure out how to get more light over the layout, though.

    I was disappointed with myself, though. The husband of my wife's friend was telling me about a 4x8 layout he might inherit from his father, and I actually felt myself getting a little snobby, b4 I corrected myself and offered to help with any questions he may have (and offered to have him come over to check out my layout once it's at least partially operational).
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    My Wednesday night railroad is lit largely by workshop lights from Canadian Tire (?). Its a fixture that hangs from a chain at each end and has 2 square lamps on it (protected by wire cages).
    There's a pull chain at the end and a length of electrical cord to a plug. Don't know what type of bulbs, but they get quite warm. He has about a half dozen over the layout area. There's no finished ceiling so they hang from the floor beams.
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    Mike, if you are doing any risers, do like I have done for a long time, put a kerf down the center on the bottom and attach them to the joice with flat head screws and washer. This way if you want to adjust it, instead of pulling screws out and putting them back in, all you have to do is loosen the flat head screw, make the adjustment and tighten. When you have the riser where you want it and all runs smooth just add another smaller screw through the riser and into the base board. Just a litle trick that I learned. Ron, Abbotsford, B.C. .
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    Hey Mike, I use 40 watt dual bulb flouresent hooded fixtures over my layout. they give of bright light without getting hot. The only draw back is if you have a little glitch in your scenery or painting it shows up big time!:eek:

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