Potemkin reference material

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Darwin, Jun 10, 2004.

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  2. Ajax

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    Thanks for the link, Darwin! There are some really excellent illustrations of the Potemkin there.


    P.S. And I hope you had a great birthday yesterday! :D
  3. Darwin

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    Thanks for the kind wishes. I finally splurged on a decent digital camera, so can maybe finally get some focused closeups of my builds.
  4. Corporal_Trim

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    WOW ! That's great, Darwin. Very nice find. :)

    Strange coincidence, I just got this book, Russian and Soviet Battleships.


    It's on sale now at Amazon.com. Still pricey at $61, but better than the list price of $90 (and free shipping). It's very good: plenty of photos, plans and information translated from the Russian archives. It's about what you would expect, each class covered in chronological order. These are interspersed with some very interesting chapters on the Russo-Japanese War, technical lessons learned from it, and WW1.
  5. Ajax

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    That sounds great, Darwin! Getting a good focus for the closeup is a problem I discovered with the camera I was using as well. I hope your new one does the trick!


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